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Destination managed.

At Amaze, we provide logistical support to professional sports teams and their entourage. We specialise in what we do, whether you’re participating in matches or training camps around Europe or the UK, we’re here to support you.  

A sporting event presents many challenges to overcome, but we use our wealth of industry experience to deliver tailor-made creative solutions.

Our vision is our mission.

We’re fully accustomed to planning every aspect of your trip, to working quickly and tirelessly especially within tight time constraints; it is here that our expertise and unrivalled attention to detail come to the fore, as we execute each and every aspect to perfection.

It is the passion of our multilingual and multinational team, coupled with the first-class service we guarantee which sets us apart and makes us market leaders in our field. 

We take care of everything off the pitch to allow you to succeed on it.


A fusion of unique experiences.

At Amaze, we’ve got the knowledge. We’ve got the passion. We’ve got the destinations and the services.

We’ve got everything we need in place, ready to ensure that your experience is nothing short of spectacular.

Because the experience of travelling for a sporting event is not just one experience. It is made up of all the little things, from the minute details right up to the bigger picture.

And at Amaze, we have the capabilities to ensure that each one of your experiences throughout your trip is positive, and we bring these experiences together seamlessly.

We provide a fusion of unique experiences.

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We provide logistical support for professional sports teams and their entourage participating in matches or training camps throughout Europe and the UK.

We take care of everything off the pitch to allow you to succeed on it.

Your destination contacts.

Austria & Germany

Andreas Scholten
M: +43 664 441 08 19
E: andreas.scholten@amazedm.com


Catherine Derain
M: +33 685 06 67 47
E: catherine.derain@amazedm.com


Stefano Iazzetta
M: +39 335 190 56 26
E: stefano.iazzetta@amazedm.com

Spain & Portugal

Felipe Freese
M: +34 647 60 49 72
E: felipe.freese@amazedm.com

UK & Ireland

Concetta Battaglia
M: +44 77 15 48 91 79
E: concetta.battaglia@amazedm.com


Filippo Battiato
M: +31 627125989
E: filippo.battiato@amazedm.com


Jacob Diemar
M: +45 40508029
E: jacob.diemar@amazedm.com

Other destinations

Eric Gaulin
M: +43 664 84 92 616
E: eric.gaulin@amazedm.com

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